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Minecraft 1.7.9
Minecraft is one of the most beloved games among gamers. This is because it allows you to create gigantic constructions, caves and other creative possibilities. This is a war-game that requires to fight monsters that appears in the evening and survive by running away from them, providing for your basic needs, gathering food, firewood, etc. Due to this game's many options and entertaining graphics it became popular all over the world.

Software Review

This is the computerized version of your favorite childhood toy box – legos with infinite possibilities. You build block-like structures to survive, and also to impress. With Minecraft, the world is all yours to create and destroy. The blocks come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and types. What's better, you don't even have to pack away the blocks when you're done. You just keep coming back and building whenever you feel like it.

Single Player Mode
The world of Minecraft makes the single player work for his dues. On your own, you have to dig to salvage anything you can build a shelter with, because come night time, there are monsters lurking in the dark to eat you up. Sometimes, if you dig too deep, you'll encounter monsters in day time too, and you do want to avoid the super-spooky Endermen.
Your first house will be a mud hut. You need to keep building, creating and surviving every step of the way. With experience and time, you can build mansions and castles, own property, become a farmer and even create giant replicas of popular gaming characters like Super Mario and Donkey Kong.
The game starts with you having nothing. You have to find trees, chop them up, make planks, make a workbench and then make tools to scrape out coal to have light when it's night time. The light and shelter combined helps you survive the first night.
As you keep playing and building on what you have, you will keep getting bigger and better things, including architectural masterpieces, landscapes, farms, animals and more.

Multi-Player Mode
As with all multi-player games, there are better resources in a server environment. You can do everything you do on single player mode, but have access to more tools and creations that can be exchanged with others.
Multi-player mode requires you to log on to a server. But once you get in there, you'll find it's a real community, where other gamers share their creations, resources and even show off a bit.

Keeping It Interesting
When you have gone on a bit in the Minecraft game, you come to a point where just building, creating and destroying becomes monotonous. You could be the most creative person on earth, but there's always boredom in just building all the time. This is the negative side of Minecraft. It's a highly creative and yet mindless game. On a positive note, Minecraft is great as a sandbox, where gamers can experiment with their creativity and get involved in the developmental process.

One Of A Kind
Minecraft is unique in that it's only limited by your own imagination. You want it, you build it. How you get to it is another matter, because it takes effort, focus and persistence. But, in the end, it pays to explore.

Learning How To Play
This is almost always successful if you go online and check out the various tutorials, both written and on video. The game itself has next to nothing of instructional value, so if you want to learn how to make yourself a tool box or later on, a golden horse, you have to scour the almighty internet to find the answers.


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Product Details

Rating: 6 (Users30956)
Ranking in Games - General: 1
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License: Free
File size: 660 Kb
Version: 1.7.9
Last updated: 15/4/2014
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7
Languages: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Swedish
Developer: Mojang
Download count (English): 300,303
Download count (Worldwide): 1,407,400

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